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Orchid Family(Wf)
orchis, = a testicle, the testicles; orchis, = a kind of olive of an oblong shape; another plant, so called because of the shape of its roots, the orchis, apparently shaped like a testicle. orchis, = orchid (Pliny); Orchideæ (Linnaeus), the plant's family name, from Latin orchis, a kind of orchid, from Greek orkhis (genitive orkheos) "orchid," literally "testicle," from orghi-, the standard root for "testicle". (referring to the paired testicle shaped tubers of the European genus (herba orchis). Since antiquity it has been regarded as an aphrodisiac)
(LS, ld, Ca, I7, K3)
Cinderella Orchid (K3)
acros, = at the end, either outermost, or at the top; acros, = at the tip, end, summit; lophos, = crest, tuft of hair; a cock’s comb. (The author Pfitzer contrived this name to describe a Eulophia-like plant, which flowers from the summit of the stem, not basally, as in the genus Eulophia)
(LS, BL, Co)
Spider Orchid(Le)
For Thomas Bartholin (1616-80).**
Phantom Orchid (Wf)
For Guiseppe Antonia Bonato (1753 - 1836).**
Shield Orchid (Le)
ceras, = a horn; aner, andrus, = man, of a man. aner, andros, = male stamen. (refers to the two projecting, horn-like rostellum arms that bear the pollinaria in C. atrata)
(LS, BL, Co)
Hood Orchid (Wf) Monkshood (Le)
korys, = a helmet, helm, casque; -ius, = means ‘characteristic of’, hence indicates connection or resemblance. (refers to the helmet shape of the hood formed by the fusion of the median sepal and the lateral petals)
(LS, BL, Co)
DISA (La, G)
Disa (Le)
dives, dis, = rich, sumptuous, costly, splendid, precious; Dis, Dios, = Zeus; (Various derivations are proposed. The most likely is in commemoration of Disa**, a legendary Swedish Queen.)
(ld, LS, Le)
Witch Orchid (Le)
dis, = twice, double; pera, = a leathern pouch, a wallet. (refers to the two distinctive pouches borne on each of the two lateral sepals, which are a generic character prominent in all Dispiris species)
(LS, Co)
Harlequin Orchid (Le)
eu, = well; (well, good, thoroughly, completely, truly) lophos, = crest, tuft of hair; a cock’s comb. (refers to crests on the lip)
(LS, BL, Co)
Liver Orchid (Le)
eu-, = well; (good, well developed, normal, true) ous, otis, = an ear; -ella, = diminutive. (little Evota, a Cape orchid genus now included in Ceratandra; refers to the flattened ear-like anther cells prominent in C. bicolor and C. harvyana)
(LS, BL, Co)
Thread Orchid(Co) Typhia
h)olos, = whole, entire, complete, whole, undivided; (entire, complete, whole, undivided) thrix, = the hair both of man and beast; sheep’s wool. (refers to the very hairy leaves and scape of the type H. cernua, which is the type of the conserved generic name)
(LS, BL, Co)
Fly Orchid (Le)
lipos, = grease, fat, lard, oil; -alis, -aris, = belonging or pertaining to, resembling, provided with. liparos, = oily, shining. (refers to the smooth, glossy appearance of the flowers in many species)
(LS, BL, Co)
pachys, = thick, large, stout. -ities, indicates a concept or quality. (refers to the robust, thick column)
(LS, BL, Co)
Bonnet Orchid(Le) Moederkappie
pteron, = a feather, wings; pterygo-, = wing-, fin-, wing-like appendage; -ium, = ‘characteristic of’, hence indicates connection or resemblance. (wing-like, pterygoid, flared upper tepal) (refers to the wing-like blade of the lip)
(LS, Ox, BL, Le, Co)
Satyr Orchid(Wf) Trewwa
satyros, = satyr; saturus, = satyr; satyrion, = Greek name for an orchid with aphrodisiac properties SATYRS;** -ium, = means 'characteristic of', hence indicates connexion or resemblance. (probably alludes to the two floral spurs, a unique feature of the genus)
(Ox, Co, BL)
Wire Orchid(Le) Kapotjie
schiz, schizo, = to split, cleave. (split, cleft, deeply divided) -odium, = resembling, having the form or nature of. (having a split appearance – refers to the bifid petals)
(LS, BL, Co)
orthos, = straight; (in height), upright, standing erect; (in line), a straght line; cheilos¸= a lip.