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Witch Orchid (Le)
dis, = twice, double; pera, = a leathern pouch, a wallet. (refers to the two distinctive pouches borne on each of the two lateral sepals, which are a generic character prominent in all Dispiris species)
(LS, Co)
Disperis bolusiana subsp. bolusiana (La)

Location: (F)
After Harry Bolus F.L.S. (1834 – 1911);** -anus, = belonging to, connected with, pertaining to, used to form adjectives from nouns, particularly from geographical and personal names.
(Ch, BL)
Disperis capensis var. capensis (La)
Cape Witch Orchid(Wf) Granny-bonnet(PS) Mombakkiesblom
Location: (F, K, P)
cape, = Cape of Good Hope; -ensis, = indicates country or place of growth, or origin or else habitat. (of the Cape region)
(BL, Co)
Disperis cucullata (La)
Witch Orchid(PS)
Location: (F)
cucullus, = a covering; a cap, hood; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. cucullatus, = hooded, having a hood. (hooded) (hooded – refers to the shape of the median sepal)
(ld, BL, Co)
Disperis paludosa (La)
Helmets (Vo)
Location: (F, K)
palus, paludis, = a swamp, marsh, morass, bog, fen, pool; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. paludosus, = fenny boggy, marshy. (refers to the habitat of the species)
(ld, BL, Co)
Disperis villosa (La)
Baby Bonnet (Wf)
Location: (F)
villus, = shaggy hair, a tuft of hair; (long weak hairs) -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. villosus, = hairy, shaggy, rough. (villous, i.e. shaggy with fairly long soft straight not interwoven ascending hairs) (refers to the hairy stems and leaves)
(ld, BL, Co)