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Bonnet Orchid(Le) Moederkappie
pteron, = a feather, wings; pterygo-, = wing-, fin-, wing-like appendage; -ium, = ‘characteristic of’, hence indicates connection or resemblance. (wing-like, pterygoid, flared upper tepal) (refers to the wing-like blade of the lip)
(LS, Ox, BL, Le, Co)
Pterygodium alatum (La)
Winged Bonnet Orchid (Wf)
Location: (F, K)
ala, = a wing; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. alatus, = furnished with wings, winged. (winged; having a thin broad margin) (refers to the wing-like lateral petals)
(ld, BL, Co)

The 2634 species, 644 genera and 178 families of plants have been compiled from the lists of the plants:

  • of the Hermanus Botanical Society compiled by Lee Burman, for the plants in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, and the Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve, Hermanus. Location: (F).
  • of Mark Johns, Director of the Kogelberg Reserve, and of COASTEC, environmental consultants, for the plants in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, Betty’s Bay, in the WesternCape Province, South Africa. Location: (K).
  • of Christopher Whitehouse, for the plants in the Phillipskop Mountain Reserve, Stanford, in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Location: (P).

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