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DISA (La, G)
Disa (Le)
dives, dis, = rich, sumptuous, costly, splendid, precious; Dis, Dios, = Zeus; (Various derivations are proposed. The most likely is in commemoration of Disa**, a legendary Swedish Queen.)
(ld, LS, Le)
Disa glandulosa (La)

Location: (F, K)
glans, = any acorn-shaped fruit; (gland (secretary organ), swelling or appendage resembling a gland in appearance, nut (one-seeded dry indehiscent fruit with hard pericarp) borne in a capule as an acorn)) -ulus, = diminutive. -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. glandulosus, = full of kernels, glandulous. (refers to glandular hairs covering the leaves)
(ld, BL, Co)

The 2737 species, 671 genera and 184 families of plants have been compiled from the lists of the plants:

  • of the Hermanus Botanical Society compiled by Lee Burman, for the plants in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, and the Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve, Hermanus. Location: (F).
  • of Mark Johns, Director of the Kogelberg Reserve, and of COASTEC, environmental consultants, for the plants in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, Betty’s Bay, in the WesternCape Province, South Africa. Location: (K).
  • of Christopher Whitehouse, for the plants in the Phillipskop Mountain Reserve, Stanford, in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Location: (P).

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