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Pea Family(Wf)
faba, = a bean; more correctly, perhaps, horse-bean.
faber, fabri, = a worker in wood, stone, metal, etc., a forger, smith, artificer, carpenter, joiner. fabrio, = to make, prepare.
findo, fidi, fissum = to cleave, split, part, separate, divide; a cleft, slit, fissure; (split-) dens, dentis, = a tooth; (with split teeth)
(ld, BL)
Sea-Heath Family(Le)
For Johan Frankenius (1590-1661).**
Fumitory Family(Wf)
fumus, = smoke, steam, fume; -aria, = indicates, connection or possession. fumarium, = s smoke-chamber for ripening wine. (perhaps the smell of some species)
(ld, BL)