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A family of parasitic herbs(Le)
balanos, = an acorn; -phoros, = that which is brought in, tribute, paid by foreigners to a ruling state. -phorus, = -bearing, -carrying.
(LS, BL)
One of the families of mosses()
For John Bartram (1699-1777).**
Madeira-vine Family(Int)
basis,= a stepping, a pedestal; -ellus, = diminutive.
(LS, BL)
Fern Family(Le)
blechon, = pennyroyal. blechnon, = a fern.
(LS, Pza)
Forget-me-not Family(Wf)
borāgo, burra, = rough hair, short wool; a shaggy garment, in reference to the roughness of the foliage.
brachys, = short, few, little thece, = a case to put anything in, a box, chest.
Mustard Family(Wf)
brassica, brassicae, = cabbage; varieties of cabbage.
Buttonbush Family(Wf)
For (1) Dr. Cornelius Brun (Corneille de Bruin) (1652-1719/1726/1727),** OR (2) Dr. Alexander Brown.**