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Mustard Family(Wf)
brassica, brassicae, = cabbage; varieties of cabbage.
Wild Stock(Le) Bergviool
brachys, = short, few, little; carpos, = fruit. (with short fruit)
(LS, BL)
diplos-, = twice as much; (double) taxis, = an arranging, arrangement; (arrangement, order, regularity) (seeds are in two rows)
(LS, BL, Le)
Sunflax (Wf) Sporrie (Le)
(h)elios, = the sun; philios, = loving, friendly, kind. (the plant favours a sunny position) (most species only open in sunlight)
(LS, Le, LB)
Pepper wort(Le) Pepper Weed Peperbossie
lepis, = a scale, husk, shell; (scale (of fish, snake), flake) -idium, = diminutive. (the small pods)
(LS, BL, Le)
So named according to Pliny from its pungency. (Narium tormento) nasus, = the nose; the nose as a seat of quick smell; nares, narium, = the nostrils, the nose; torto, tortare, = to torture, torment.
(Ox, ld)
raphe, = a turnip, rape; rapum, = a knob or lump formed by the roots of a tree; -astrum, = indicates inferiority or incomplete resemblance, hence often applied to wild equivalent of a cultivated plant. (referring to the leaves)
(ld, BL, Le)
coronos, = a crow or raven; pous, podos, = a foot. coronopus, = crow-foot; Plantago coronopus, buckshorn-plantain. (shape of the leaf)
(LS, ld, Le)