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So named according to Pliny from its pungency. (Narium tormento) nasus, = the nose; the nose as a seat of quick smell; nares, narium, = the nostrils, the nose; torto, tortare, = to torture, torment.
(Ox, ld)
Nasturtium officinale (La)
Bronkosslaai(PS) Water Cress
Location: (F)
opifex, = aid-bringing, helping; officina, opificina, = a workshop, manufactory; laboratory; -alis, -aris, = belonging or pertaining to, resembling, provided with. officinalis, = used in medicine. This epithet more often refers to the past than the present; it is derived from opificina shortened to officina, originally a work-shop or shop, later a monastic storeroom, then a herb-store, pharmacy or drug-shop.
(ld, BL)