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Gentian Family(Wf)
gentiana, = the herb gentian, called (according to Pliny) after Gentius, (180 – 160 B.C.), king of Illyria, a country lying east of the Adriatic. According to Pliny the Elder, Gentiana lutea, was named after the king because he had discovered the plant’s healing properties. The name appears to derive from Proto- Indian-Eurpoean g'en- "to beget", cognate to Latin gens, gentis "kin, clan, race"
(K3, I12)
ge, gea, geo-, = earth, land; calyx, = the cup or calyx of a flower, a flower bud.
Geranium Family(Wf)
geranos, = a crane. (seed pod resembles head and beak of a crane)
SCROPHULARIACEAE - Snapdragon Family (Le)
After Conrad von Gesner (16th c.).**
Fern Family(Le)
For Wilhelm Friedrich von Gleichen-Russworm (Russwurm) (1717-1783).**
Dr. J.F.K. Grimm (1737-1821).**
The Grubbia Family(AB)
Michael Grubb (1728-1808).**
For Johan Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773).**