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Buttonbush Family(Wf)
For (1) Dr. Cornelius Brun (Corneille de Bruin) (1652-1719/1726/1727),** OR (2) Dr. Alexander Brown.**
Buttonbush (Wf)
For Count Jacob J. Berzelius, (1779 - 1845).**
Snowbush (Wf)
For Dr. Alexander Brown (fl. 1692 - 1698)**
lonche, = a lance, spear, javelin; stoma, = mouth, also the whole face. (lance-shaped petals and sepals of some species)
(LS, Le)
For Daniel Nebel (1664-1733).**
pseudo-, = false-, resembling but not equalling; For Abraham Baeck (1713 - 1795).** (bearing a false resemblance to the genus Baeckea in the family Myrtaceae; the genus having been named after Abraham Baeck)
(LS, Ox, Ch, K3)
For Fran├žois Vincent Raspail (1794-1878).**
Starheath (Wf)
For Martin Staaf, (1731 - 1788)**