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Forget-me-not Family(Wf)
borāgo, burra, = rough hair, short wool; a shaggy garment, in reference to the roughness of the foliage.
Bottlebrush Bugloss (Wf) Bottelborsel (Le)
ekhis, = a viper. stachys, = ear of corn. (in modern botany, 'spike') (ECHIUM, = a genus of the Boraginaceae; i.e. a spike like ECHIUM (q.v.))
(LS, BL, M)
Bugloss (Le)
ekhis, = a viper. ('The allusion is doubtful; does the seed resemble a viper's head?')
(LS, J)
Bush Bugloss (Wf) Agdaegeneesbos (Le)
lobos, = the lobe or lower part of the ear; (capsule or pod); stemon, = thread, the warp in the upright loom; a thread spun. (in modern botany, stamen) (filaments opposite to the corolla lobes)
(LS, BL, Le)
Forget-me-not (Le)
mys, myos, = mouse, of a mouse; ous, otis, = an ear. (shape of leaves)
(LS, Le)