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Lobelia Family(Le)
For Mathias de L'Obel (1538-1616).**
Baroe (Le)
cyphos, = bent or bowed forwards, stooping. (some species are twiners)
(LS, Le)
Water Lobelia (Le)
gramma, = that which is drawn or written, a written character, letter; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. gramme, = a stroke in writing, a line; (grammatus, = striped with raised lines) thece, = a case to put anything in, a box, chest. (elongate cylindrical capsule)
(LS, BL, Le)
Lobelia (Wf)
For Mathias de L'Obel (1538-1616).**
False Lobelia (Wf)
monos, = alone, only; (alone, solitary) ops (ώψ), = the eye, face, countenance. -opsis, = appearance. (rather vague, possibly referring to the almost regular corolla in some species)
(LS, BL, Le)
For Franz Elfried Wimmer (1881-1961).** -ellus, = diminutive
(Ch, BL)
unus, = one, alone,only, sole, single; gigno, gignere, genui, genitum, = to beget, bear, bring forth, produce. unigena, = only-begotten. only; of one or the same family.