Species within a genus

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Baroe (Le)
cyphos, = bent or bowed forwards, stooping. (some species are twiners)
(LS, Le)
Cyphia bulbosa var. bulbosa (La)
Location: (K)
bulbus, = a bulb, bulbous root, an onion; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. bulbosus, = bulbous. (bulbous)
(ld, BL)
Cyphia digitata subsp. digitata (La)
Baroe(PS) Vlaktebarou
Location: (F, K)
digitus, = a finger; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. digitatus, = having fingers or toes. (digitate, e.g. with leaflets radiating from tip of leaf-stalk)
(ld, BL)
Cyphia linarioides (G, La)
Veldbaroe (PS)
Location: (F)
linon,= flax. linum, = flax, linen; -alis, -aris, = belonging or pertaining to, resembling, provided with; -oides, = like, resembling, having the form or nature of.
(LS, ld, BL)
Cyphia phyteuma var. phyteuma (G)
Baroe (Sw)
Location: (F)
phyton, = a plant, tree; eu, = well; -ma, = indicating the superlative.
(LS, BL)
Cyphia volubilis var. volubilis (La)
Twining Baroe(Wf) Aardboontjie(PS) Bergbaroe
Location: (F, K, P)
volvo, = to roll, turn about, turn round, tumble any thing; -bilis, = indicates capacity or ability. volubilis, = that is turned round, or that turns itself round, turning, spinning, whirling, circling, rolling, revolving. (having the property of twisting round some other body)
(ld, BL)