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Citrus Family(Wf)
rruta, = a bitter herb, rue.
Buchu (Le)
acme, = the highest point of anything, the bloom, flower, prime of man’s age; aden, adena, = a acorn, a gland. (referring to the glands on the anthers)
(LS, Ox, Le)
China Flower (Le) Porseleinblom
aden, adena, = an acorn, a gland; aner, andrus, = man, of a man. aner, andros, = male, stamen. (gland-bearing anthers)
(Ox, LS, BL, Le)
Buchu(Le) Boegoe
agathos, = good in their kind; osme, = a smell, scent, odour, whether good or bad. (fragrant oils in the glands of leaves)
(LS, Le)
Confetti Bush (Le)
koleos, = a sheath or scabbard of a sword; nema, = that which is spun, thread, yarn, the thread of a spider’s web. (infertile stamens which are included in a sheath along the inside of the petals)
(LS, Le)
False Buchu (Le)
dios, = godlike, excellent, mighty; divine, marvellous; Dios, = Zeus**. osmē, osma, = a smell, scent, odour, whether good or bad; a scent, perfume.
em-, = in, within; pleura, pleuron, = a rib; the ribs, the side. (seeds are contained within a membranous inner hull of the ripe capsule)
(BL, LS, Le)
eu-, = well; (well, good, thoroughly, completely, truly) chaite, = long flowing hair. (petals bearded on the inner surface)
(LS, BL, Le)