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Spike Thorn or Pendoring Family(Le)
celeo = to charm, bewitch, fascinate, beguile; -astrum, = indicates inferiority or incomplete resemblance, hence often applied to wild equivalent of a cultivated plant. kelastros = the name of a Mediterranean evergreen tree. Celastraceae (the staff-vine family) kelastros, = holly.
(LS, BL, I1, Le)
Cape Saffron (Le)
cassis, = a helmet, commonly of metal. From Timucua tribe of Florida Indians applied to some species of Ilex, which the local Cassine resembles. (also ILEX, especially Ilex vomitaria)
(ld, K3)
Pendoring (Le)
gymnos, = naked, unclad, unarmed; (naked, unclad, unarmed, stripped) spora, = seed, offspring, issue. (seed; in modern botany, ‘spore’.)
(LS, BL)
laurus, = a bay-tree, laurel-tree, laurel, sacred to Apollo; Lauridia sacred to ‘Daphne’**); -idia, = dimunitive.
(ld, Le, BL)
Maiten (Le)
From the Spanish/Chilean common name for maiten or mayton. (May-weed)
(K3, Ox)
Cherrywood(Le) Kershout
pteron, = a feather, wings; kelastros, = holly. (wing + the genus CELASTROS; the fruit carry horn or wing-like outgrowths)
(LS, Le)
Basterpendoring (Le)
For Aloys Putterlick (1810-1845).**
Sybas (Le)
For Dr. Norman Keith Bonner Robson (1928 ).** dendron, = a tree.
(Ch, BL)
Hottentot Cherry(Le) Aasvöelbessie
For Giovanni Francesco Morosini (1658-1739).**