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Pendoring (Le)
gymnos, = naked, unclad, unarmed; (naked, unclad, unarmed, stripped) spora, = seed, offspring, issue. (seed; in modern botany, ‘spore’.)
(LS, BL)
Gymnosporia buxifolia (La)
Common Spikethorn(PS) Gewone Pendoring Hondebos Umqaqoba
Location: (F, P)
buxus, = the pale, evergreen box-tree; box-wood, for things made of box-wood; a pipe or flute; folium, = a leaf. (with leaves like the ‘box’ in the genus BUXUS)
(ld, K3)
Gymnosporia heterophylla (G)
Angle-stem Spikethorn(PS) Riffelstam-pendoring
Location: (F)
(h)eteros, = other (than usual), different, of other kind; (different, other, uneven) phyllon, = a leaf.
(LS, BL)