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Candleflower Family(Wf)
For Pierre Pena (c. 1520/1535-1600/1605).**
brachys, = short, few, little; siphon, = a tube.
Noughts-and Crosses (Le)
For Pierre Pena (1535-1605).**
Cape Fellwort(Le) Vliëebos
For Terence Macleane Salter (1883-1969).**
For Otto W. Sonder (1812 - 1881);** thamnos, = bush, shrub.
(Ch, LS)
stylos, = a pillar, a post, pale, beam; stilus, = a stake, pale; of the stem or stalk of many plants; a-, = without, not, un-; pteron, = feather, wings; (style without wings, as opposed to Penaea, which has a winged style)
(LS, ld, Le)