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Sandalwood Family(Le)
sandalum, santalum, = sandalwood.
Cape Sumach(Le) Pruimbas
ozos, = a bough, branch, twig, shoot. (the bush is much branched)
(LS, Le)
THESIUM, (q.v.); -idium, = diminutive. (the little Thesium)
(BL, M)
thes, = a serf or villain, who is bound to the soil; a hired labourer. (mean apperance of the plants) thesion, = a species of flax (Plin.)
(LS, Le, Ca)
Cape Sumach(Le) Pruimbas
colpos, = womb, the lap or fold; any lap or hollow. colpoo, коλπόω, = to form into a lap or fold: to make a sail belly or swell.