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Cinderella Orchid (K3)
acros, = at the end, either outermost, or at the top; acros, = at the tip, end, summit; lophos, = crest, tuft of hair; a cock’s comb. (The author Pfitzer contrived this name to describe a Eulophia-like plant, which flowers from the summit of the stem, not basally, as in the genus Eulophia)
(LS, BL, Co)
Acrolophia bolusii

Location: (F)
Either for (1) Harry Bolus (1834-1911)**; or (2) Hermann Harry Bolus (1862-1930)**, son of Harry Bolus. Most taxa honor Bolus Sr.; or (3) Alfred Bolus (1871-1952)**, nephew of Harry Bolus