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elytron, = a cover, covering. case, sheath; pappos, = a grandfather; an old man. pappus, = an old man; a grandfather; the wooly hairy seed of certain plants. (apical tuft of hair or bristles or homologous appendages on fruits of compsitae).
(LS, BL)
Elytropappus glandulosus (La)

Location: (F)
glans, = any acorn-shaped fruit; (gland (secretary organ), swelling or appendage resembling a gland in appearance, nut (one-seeded dry indehiscent fruit with hard pericarp) borne in a capule as an acorn) -ulus, = diminutive. -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. glandulosus, = full of kernels, glandulous.
(ld, BL)
Elytropappus gnaphaloides
Location: (K)
gnapheion, knaphos = .the prickly teasel, used by fullers to card or clean cloth; gnapholon, = flock of wool;resemblance to downy plant used for stuffing cushions. -ōidēs, = like, resembling, having the form or nature of.
(LS, Le, BL)
Elytropappus longifolius (La)

Location: (K)
longus, = long; folium, = a leaf. (long leaves)
(ld, BL)
Elytropappus rhinocerotis (Was Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis) (G)
Renosterbos(Le) Rhinoceros Bush Vlieëbossie
Location: (F, K)
rugchos, = a snout, muzzle; abeak, bill; rhyncos, = snout, muzzle, beak; rhynch-, rhyncho-, = provided with a snout or beak, i.e. a projecting appendage; ceras, = a horn; -otus, = indicates resemblance or possession.
(LS, BL)