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pseudo, = to be mistaken, be false; (resembling but not equalling) + GNAPHALIUM. Gnapheion, knaphos = .the prickly teasel, used by fullers to card or clean cloth; -ium, = ‘characteristic of’. (resemblance to downy plant used for stuffing cushions)
(LS, Ox, BL, Le)
Pseudognaphalium luteo-album (La)
Jersey Cudweed(PS) Vaalbossie
Location: (F, K, P)
lutum, = a plant used in dyeing yellow, yellow-weed, dyer’s weed, weld; a yellow colour, yellow; -eus, = indicates material or colour or resemblance in quality. luteus, = golden-yellow, saffron-yellow, orange-yellow. albus, = white, properly dead white, not shining. (white, particularly a dull rather than a glossy white)
(ld, BL)
Pseudognaphalium undulatum (La)
Cudweed(PS) Groenbossie
Location: (F, K, P)
undo, = to rise in waves or surges, to throw up waves, to surge, swell; to wave, undulate; -ulus, = diminutive; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. undulatus, = diversified as with waves, undulated. (undulated)
(ld, BL)