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Balsamweed (Wf) Belskruie (Le)
osmē, osma, = a smell, scent, odour, whether good or bad; a scent, perfume; -opsis, = aspect, appearance, hence ‘resemblance’. (resembling the genus OSMITES – now a non-existent genus)
(LS, BL, Le)
Osmitopsis afra (La)
Belskruie (Vo)
Location: (F, K)
afri, afer, = African. afra, = pertaining to Africa.
(ld, BL)
Osmitopsis asteriscoides (G)
Belskruie(PS) Mountain Daisy(Wf) Marsh Daisy
Location: (F, K)
astēr, = a star; -is, = indicates a close connexion; -oides, = like, resembling, having the form or nature of.
(LS, BL)
Osmitopsis parvifolia (La)

Location: (K)
parvus, = little, small, petty, puny, inconsiderable. minor, = less, lesser, smaller, inferior. minimus, =, very small, very little; least, smallest. (little, small, puny) folium, = a leaf.
(ld, BL)