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Kaapse Astertjie (Le)
gymnos, = naked, unclad, unarmed; (naked, unclad, unarmed, stripped) stephos, = that which encircles, a crown, wreath. (crown, wreath, garland) (lack of pappus in the flowers)
(LS, BL, Le)
Gymnostephium papposum [Now Zyrphelis corymbosa] (G, La)
Blue Daisy (Vo)
Location: (F)
pappos, = a grandfather; pappus, = an old man; a grandfather; the wooly hairy seed of certain plants. (apical tuft of hair or bristles or homologous appendages on fruits of compsitae) pappos, = the downy or feathery appendage on many fruits , especially Compositae, as thistles, dandilions etc., hence extended to the reduced calyx of Compositae generally, whether downy, bristly, scaly, toothed or membranous; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development.
(LS, ld, BL, Ox)