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Beetle Daisy (Le)
For David de Gorter (1717-1783).**
Gorteria diffusa subsp. calendulacea (La)
Beetle Daisy (Wf)
Location: (F)
dif-¸dis-, = asunder, in pieces, apart, in two, in different directions; fundo, fusus, = to spread, extend, diffuse; spread out, extended, broad, large, copious, diffuse. diffusus, = spread abroad, spread out, extended, wide. (diffuse, loosely irregular or widely spreading, with branches diverging from the axis at an angle of 45° to 90°) Kalendae, calendae, = the Kalends, Calends, the first day of the Roman month, on which the order of days was proclaimed; from calo, to call, call out, proclaim, call together, summon, convoke; calendar, clock; -ula, = diminutive. -aceus, = indicates resemblance. (little calendar, little clock or perhaps, little weather-glass)
(ld, BL, Ox)