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A Fern Family(Le)
denn, = woodland pasture; possibly denoting ‘habitation of a wild beast’, ‘forest, haunt of wild beasts’; taeda, = a resinous species of pine-tree, the pitch-pine tree (Pinus combra).
(Ox, ld)
histos, = the web-beam of the loom, the loom, the web; pteron, = a feather, wings; (referring to the network of veins)
(LS, BL, Le)
Bracken (Le)
pteron, = a feather, wings; pteris, = fern; -idium, = diminutive. (fronds resemble a bird’s wing)
(LS, Ro, BL, Le)
(h)upo, = under, beneath; (below, under, beneath) lepis, = a scale, husk, shell. (scale (of fish, snake), flake)
(LS, BL)