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Evening Primrose and Willowherb Family(Le)
onagros, = a wild ass; humorously ‘a she-ass’. (a former name for the genus Œnothera) onagos, = an ass-driver. Its etymology is uncertain but is believed to be derived from theGreek words ονος θηρας (onos theras), meaning "donkey catcher," or οινος θηρας (oinos theras), meaning "wine seeker." In addition,oenothera means "a plant whose juices may cause sleep" in Latin.
(LS, Ox, ld, I6)
Willowherb (Le)
epi-, = upon, over, on top of, added to; lobos, = the lobe or lower part of the ear; (capsule or pod). (flower appears to grow on the seed-pod)
(BL, LS, Le)
Evening Primrose (Le)
oinos, = wine; thera, = a hunting, the chase, eager pursuit (of anything). (roots of O. biennis were supposed to give one a thirst for wine)
(LS, Le)