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Wirecress Family(Wi) Carpetweed
mollis, = easily movable, pliant, flexible, supple, soft, tender, delicate. (soft, pliant) gens, = [that which belongs together by birth or descent], a race or clan, embracing several families united together by a common name, and by certain religious rites. Members of this family share common characteristics with the type-genus MOLLUGO, a name used by Pliny, probably derived from mollis.
(ld, BL, Le, K3)
Muggiesgras (PS)
aden, adena, = an acorn, a gland; gramma, = written character, a drawing; gramme, = line, stroke of a pen. (ridged or striped by raised lines)
(Ox, LS, K3)
Sneeuvygie (Le)
Named after Pharnaces II (63 - 47 B.C.).**