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Hibiscus Family(Wf)
mallakos,= soft; malakos, = soft, gentle, mild; (mallow) (emollient, softening properties of the seeds)
(LS, Le)
African Mallow(Le) Bergroos
anisos, aniso-, = unequal, uneven odon, ontos, odons, = a tooth; -tis, = usually indicates the agent or means. -odontus, = -toothed. (unevenly toothed)
(LS, BL)
Doll's Rose(Le) Poprosie
For Paul Hermann (1646-1695).**
Hibiscus(Le) Wildestokroos
hibiscus, hibiscum, ebiscum, = the marsh-mallow, From the Greek hibiskos.Possibly from ibis, stork, which fed on some species of mallow.
(ld, Le)
Tree Mallow (Le)
For the Lavater brothers, Johann Heinrich (1611-1691) and Johann Jacob? (1594-1636).**
Mallow (Le)
malakos, = soft, gentle, mild. (mallow) (emollient, softening properties of the seeds)
(LS, Le)
modius = the roman corn measure, a measure, peck; the socket, step, shoe in which the mast of a ship stands; -olus, = diminutive. modiolus, = a small measure; hence a kind of drinking vessel; a bucket on a water-wheel; the nave of a wheel. (modiolus, = The cenral bony column in the cochlea of he ear: = allusion unclear)
(ld, BL, Le)