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Scabious Family(Wf)
di-, = two; dis, = twice, double; psecas, = to rain in small drops, drizzle, drip; it drizzles; psecas, = a female slave who perfumed her mistress’s hair. Psecas, = th name of an attendant of Diana.
(Ox, LS, ld)
Scabious (Le)
scaber, scabrum, = rough, scurfy, scabrous; scabby, mangy, itchy. (scabrous, i.e. rough or gritty to the touch on account of numerous minute projections) -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. scabiosus, = rough, scurfy, scabby, mangy. (distinctly scabrous) (plants used as remedies for the ‘itch’?) [scurf = flakes of dead skin, scales] (apparently some species were used for relief from scabies)
(ld, BL, J, BB)