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Mango Family(Le)
ana-, = up, in place or time, back, again, anew; (upon, up, upwards, above) cardia, = the heart. (because the fruits of some species within this genus look like an inverted heart)
(Ox, BL, LS, I8)
Ystermartiens (Le)
laurus, = a bay-tree, laurel-tree, laurel, sacred to Apollo; Lauridia sacred to ‘Daphne’**); phyllon, = a leaf. (‘laurel’ – resemblance of leaves)
(ld, LS, Le)
Karee(Le) Taaibos Korentebos
Apparently named for Paul Bigelow Sears (1891-1990).** [The name 'karee' is rather loosely applied to several species of Searsia. It is a literal translation from the original Khoi name. The small rounded edible fruits give many species the names rosyntjiebos or - boom (raisin bush / -tree).]
For Oswald von Heer (1809-1883).**