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Cobra Lily(Le) Kapelpypie
khasma, = a yawning hollow, a chasm, gulf; anthos, = a flower, the bloom of a flower. (shape of the corolla)
(LS, Le)
Chasmanthe aethiopica (G, La)
Lesser Cobra Lily(Wf) Cobra Lily(Sw) Suurkanolpypie(Vo) Suurkanol
Location: (F, K, P)
Aithiops, (αίθώ, όψ), = an Ethiop, negro, properly Burnt-face. Aethiopia, = a country in Africa, on both sides of the equator. Its limits cannot be accurately defined. (usually South Africa, in classical use Africa south of Libya and Egypt, hence Abyssinia) -icus, = indicates ‘belonging to’.
(LS, ld, BL)
Chasmanthe floribunda (La)
Greater Cobra Lily(Wf) Piempiempie(PS) Rooipypie Suurkanol
Location: (F, K)
flos, floris, = a blossom, flower; abunde, = in great profusion or abundance, abundantly, exceedingly, very. (profusely flowering)
(ld, BL)