Species within a genus

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White Stinkwood(Le) Witstinkhout
celtis, = stone-chisel, sculptor’s chisel; celtis, = an African species of lotus.(Pliny)
(Ox, ld)
Celtis africana (La)
African Elm(PS) Witstinkhout Umvumvu
Location: (F, P)
Africa, = Africa; -anus, = belonging to, connected with, pertaining to, used to form adjectives from nouns, particularly from geographical and personal names. cilium, = an eyelid; cilium, = delicate hairs resembling eyelashes, especially such as form a fringe to the margins of leaves; -olus, = diminutive; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (fringed or surrounded with hairs or fine bristles) (from African)
(BL, ld)