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Blue Grass Lily (Le)
For Federico Cesi (Fridericus Caesius) (1585-1630).**
Caesia contorta (La)
Location: (F, K, P)
contorqueo, contortum, = to turn, twirl, swing, whirl or brandish. contortus, = brandished, hurled, full of motion, powerful, vehement, energetic, strong. (powerful, vehement, involved; each piece being oblique in figure, and overlapping it’s neighbour by one margin, its other margin being in like manner, overlapped by that which stands next to it)
(ld, BL)
Caesia eckloniana

Location: (P)
For Christian Friedrich Ecklon (1795-1868);** -anus, = belonging to, connected with, pertaining to, used to form adjectives from nouns, particularly from geographical and personal names.
(Ch, BL)