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Quaking Grass (Le)
brizō, = to nod, slumber, sleep.
Briza maxima (alien and naturalised) (La)
Bewerkies(PS) Quaking Grass Klokkies
Location: (F, K, P)
magnus, major, maximus. magnus, = of physical size or quantity, great, large; of things, vast, extensive, spacious; major, = the comparative of magnus; maximus, = the superlative of magnus. (Alien)
(ld, Cw)
Briza minor (La)
Kleinklokkiesgras(PS) Small Quaking Grass
Location: (F, K, P)
parvus, = little, small, petty, puny, inconsiderable. minor, = less, lesser, smaller, inferior. minimus, =, very small, very little; least, smallest. (smaller, inferior, lesser) (Alien)
(ld, BL)