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Water Lily(Le)
nymphae, = demi-goddesses who inhabit the sea, rivers, fountains,woods, trees and mountains; nymphs. The Nymphs** (Νύμφαι), were deities who peopled the countryside, woods and, streams. They were the spirits of the fields and of nature in general, personifying its fecundity and gracefulness.
(ld, BL)
Nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea (La)
Blue Water Lily(CW)
Location: (P)
nouchali, = One of the Kew Herbarium contains a note that Noakhali is a district in Bangladesh, hence nouchali. coerula, caeruleus, caerulus, = dark-coloured, dark blue, dark green, cerulean, azure; the sea, the blue surface of the sea; (azure blue, especially the deep blue of the Mediterranian sky at midday; [poetic from caelulium, from caelum, = the sky, heaven, the heavens)
(K3, ld, BL)