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Canary Grass(Le)
Pliny’s name for a similar grass; adopted by Linnaeus in his Hortus Cliffortianus (1773) 23 as the name of this genus. Phalaris was a tyrant of Agrigentum, for whom Perillus made a brazen bull, in which those condemned by him were to be roasted alive. He caused Perillus to be the first to suffer by it, but afterwards experienced the same punishment himself at the hands of his exasperated subjects.
(Ox, ld)
Phalaris aquatica (La)
Perennial Canary Grass(PS)
Location: (K)
aqua, = water; -aticus, = indicates place of growth. aquaticus, = living, growing, or found in or by the water.
(ld, BL)