Species within a genus

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Twinleaf(Le) Spekbos
zugon, = yoke; ‘the prefix ..... refers to conjugation’; phyllon, = a leaf. (leaves bifoliate and appear yoked together)
(LS, Ox, Le)
Zygophyllum flexuosum (La)
Shooting-star Twinleaf(Wf) Maerbossie(PS) Spekbos Spekbroodbos
Location: (F, K)
flexus, = a bending, turning, winding. -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. (winding)
(ld, BL)
Zygophyllum fulvum (La)
Pallid Twinleaf(Wf) Skilpadbos(PS) Spekbos
Location: (F, K)
fulvus, = deep yellow, reddish yellow, gold-coloured, tawny; reddish yellow. (tawny, ‘dull yellow with a mixture of grey and brown’, yellowish-brown)
(ld, BL)
Zygophyllum sessilifolium (La)
Location: (F)
sedeo, sedi, sessum, = to sit; -ilis, = indicates capacity or ability. Hence a property or quality. sessilis, = of or belonging to sitting, fit for sitting upon. (sessile, stalkless, or apparently so, sitting close upon the body that supports it) folium, = a leaf.
(ld, BL)
Zygophyllum spinosum (La)

Location: (F, K)
spina, = a thorn, a prickle; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. spinosus, = full of thorns or prickles, thorny, prickly. (spiny)
(ld, BL)