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Babiana(Le) Bobbejaantjie
Generic name is an anglicised version - "Babianer" - of the Afrikaans 'bobbejane'. Vernacular Dutch 'baviaantjie', or its Cape corruption 'bobbejaantjie' for small baboons. (baboons are partial to the corms).
(M, Le)
Babiana ambigua (La)
Common Babiana (Wf)
Location: (F, P)
aambigo, = to go about or around; to wander about; to waver, hesitate, be undecided, to doubt, be in suspense. ambiguus = going about, hither and thither; uncertain, doubtful.
(ld, BL)
Babiana nana var. maculata (G)

Location: (F, K)
nanus, = a dwarf. (small) macula, = a spot, mark, stain; blot, blemish, mole; (spot, blotch, mesh of network) -ata, = indicates possession or likeness. (spotted, blotched)
(LS, BL, ld)
Babiana purpurea (G, La)

Location: (F)
purpureus, = purple-coloured, purple; -eus, = indicates material or colour or resemblance in quality. (purple ‘dull red with a slight dash of blue’)
(LS, ld, BL)
Babiana stricta (La)
Bobbejaantjie(PS) Katjetie
Location: (K)
stringo, stringere, strictum, = to draw tight, to bind or tie tight; to draw, bind, or press together. (drawn close together, very upright, very straight)
(ld, BL)