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Ruschia (Wf) Vygie (Le)
For Ernst Julius Rusch (1867-1957).**
Ruschia geminiflora (La)

Location: (F)
geminus, = born at the same time, twin-born, twin-; flos, floris, = a blossom, flower.
Ruschia macowanii

Location: (F)
Dr. Peter MacOwan (1830-1909).** -anus, = belonging to, connected with, pertaining to, used to form adjectives from nouns, particularly from geographical and personal names.
(Ch, La)
Ruschia sarmentosa (La)

Location: (K)
sarpo, = to cut off, trim, prune, clean; sarmentum, = twigs, light branches, brushwood; a faggot, fascine; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. sarmentosus, = full of twigs or little branches. (producing long runners)
(ld, BL)
Ruschia schollii

Location: (F)
For Georg Scholl (fl. 1786-1800).**
Ruschia tenella (La)

Location: (P)
tenuis, = thin, slight, slender, slim, meagre, lean; simple, plain, unadorned; (thin, fine, slender) -ella, = diminutive. tenellus, = somewhat tender or delicate. (delicate)
(ld, BL)