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Flycatcher Bush (Le)
ros, roris, = dew; -idus, = indicates a state or an action in progress; roridus, = bedewed, dewy, with dew; -ula, = diminutive. (bedewed, dewey, appearing as if covered with fine dewdrops) (glistening, insect trapping glands)
(ld, BL, Le)
Roridula gorgonias (La)
Fly Bush(PS) Vlieëbos
Location: (F, K, P)
gorgo, = Gorgo,** a daughter of Phorcus, called Medusa, whose hair consisted of snakes, and who turned all she looked upon to stone; she was killed by Perseus. Her head was fixed on the shield of Pallas, and from her blood sprang the winged horse Pegasus. -eus, = indicates material or colour or resemblance in quality. gorgoneus, = of or belonging to Gorgon, Gorgonian.
(ld, BL)