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Buttercup(Le) Crowsfoot
rana, = a frog; -ulus, = diminutive. ranunculus, = a little frog, a tadpole, porwiggle; a medicinal plant, called batrachion, perhaps crowfoot, ranunculus. (preference for marshy habitats, similar to frogs)
(ld, BL, Le)
Ranunculus muricatus (La)
Pepergras(Sw) Spiny Fruited Buttercup
Location: (F)
murex, = the purple-fish,; the purple dye, purple, made from the juice of the purple-ish; MUREX, a genus of mollusc, which has a shell with short hard points; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. muricatus, = shaped like a purple-fish, pointed. (muricate, i.e. rough with short hard points like the shell of MUREX)
(ld, BL)