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phyton, = a plant, tree; lac, = milk; milky juice, milk of plants. lacca, = an unknown plant. lak, = crimson. (the juice of the fruit is crimson red) (laksha, = lacca, gum-lac, is the dark-red resinous incrustation produced on certain trees by the puncture of an insect insect (Caccus lacca); used in the East as a scarlet dye).
(LS, ld, Ox, Le)
Phytolacca octandra (G)
Amahashe(PS) Bobbejaandruiwe Forest Inkberry Umnanja
Location: (F)
octō, = eight; aner, andrus, = man, of a man. aner, andros, = male, stamen. (with eight stamens)
(LS, BL)