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Bird's Foot (Le)
ornis, = a bird; ornith-, = pertaining to birds, bird-like; pous, podos, = a foot. (shape of the leaves)
(LS, BL, Le)
Ornithopus compressus (La)
Yello Serradella(Int)
Location: (P)
comprimo, compressum, = to press or squeeze together, compress; pressed together, i.e. close, straight, narrow. (flattened, usually laterally) (Alien)
(ld, BL, Cw)
Ornithopus perpusillus (La, F)

Location: (F)
per-, pel-, = of space, through; in composition it usually adds intensity to the significance, thoroughly, perfectly, completely, exceedingly; puer, pusus, = a boy, a little boy; -illus, = diminutive. pusillus, = very little, very small, petty, insignificant; a trifle. (very little, petty. insignificant)
(ld, Ox, BL)
Ornithopus pinnatus (La)
Orange Bird’s Foot(Wi)
Location: (P)
penna, pinna, = a feather; a wing; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. pennatus, pinnatus, = winged. (Alien)
(ld, BL, Cw)
Ornithopus sativus (La)
Common Bird’s Foot (Wi)
Location: (P)
satio, = a sowing, a planting, sowed fields, cultivated lands; -ivus, = indicates capacity, ability, possession by or property of. (sown, planted, cultivated) (Alien)
(ld, BL, Cw)