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Bergseldery (Le)
nanus, = a dwarf; (small) boubon, = the groin, a swelling in the groin. An inflamed swelling or abscess in the glandular parts of the body, esp. the groin or armpits, which was an ordinary symptom of the plague in the 17th c. – bubo plague. (name alludes to similarity with Notobubon and difference in habit)
(ld, BL, Ox, Mg)
Nanobubon capillaceum (La)
Hair-like Blister Bush (Vo)
Location: (F, P)
capillus, = the hair, the hair of the head; (while crinis is any hair); (hair, hair’s width, 0.18mm.) -aceus, = indicates resemblance.
(ld, BL)
Nanobubon strictum (La)

Location: (K)
stringo, stringere, strictum, = to draw tight, to bind or tie tight; to draw, bind, or press together. (drawn close together, very upright, very straight)
(ld, BL)