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Pond Blossom (Wf) Waterblommetjie (Le) Wateruintjie (K3)
Aponus was a hot spring near Padua. geton, = neighbor. A partial anagram of Potamogeton, which in turn comes from Patmos, a river, and geiton, a neighbor.
(Le, BL, M)
Aponogeton distachyos (G)
Cape Pondweed(PS) Dog-with-two-tails Waterblommetjie
Location: (F, K)
dis, = twice, double; stachys, = ear of corn. (in modern botany, ‘spike’) (when things are arranged in two rows, the one opposite the other) (here refers to the forked inflorescence)
(LS, BL, AB)