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White Pear (Le)
apoduo, = to strip off, undress. (to strip, referring to the unprotected petals in bud)
(LS, Le)
Apodytes dimidiata subsp. dimidiata (La)
Bird's-eye Tree(PS) Witpeer Umdakane (PS)
Location: (K)
di, dis, = asunder, in pieces, apart, in two; medius, = that is in the middle or midst, mid, middle. dimidius, = half; divided into two equal parts, halved; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (dimidiate, with one part of an organ so much smaller than the other that only half of the whole organ seems present; divided through the middle; actually halved, with the outer wall of the perinthecium covering only the upper half)
(ld, BL)
Apodytes geldenhuysii
Dwarf White Pear(PS) Kaapse Witpeer
Location: (F)
For Coert Johannes Geldenhuys (1946- ).**