Species within a genus

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Melilotus (Le)
meli, = honey; lotos, = the name of several plants; the Greek lotus, a kind of clover or trefoil. (flowers resembling Lotus (q.v.) and are honey-smelling)
(LS, Le)
Melilotus abus (La)
Bokhaargras(PS) Bokhara Clover
Location: (F)
albus, = white, properly dead white, not shining. (white, particularly a dull rather than a glossy white)
(ld, BL)
Melilotus indicus (La)
Annual Yellow Sweet Clover(PS) Bitterklawer
Location: (F)
indicus, = of India, Indian; -icus, = indicates ‘belonging to’. indicum, = indigo, a blue pigment for dyeing and painting.
(ld, BL)