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medikos, = Median; a kind of clover, lucerne. medike, = name given to a Median grass by Dioscorides.**
(LS, Le)
Medicago laciniata var. laciniata (La)
Burr Clover(PS) Kitsklawer Veld Shamrock
Location: (F)
lacinia, = the lappet, flap, edge or corner of a garment; a small piece or part; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (slashed into narrow divisions with taper-pointed incisions)
(ld, BL)
Medicago polymorpha (= M. laciniata var. laciniataa) (G)
Klawergras(PS) Rough Medic Trefoil
Location: (F, P)
polys, polle, poly, = (of number ), many; (of size), heavy; (of value), much; morphe, = form, shape, figure;shaped. [See Morpheus**] (very variable in form, of several (or) many forms) (Alien)
(LS, PG, BL, Cw)