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Kalmoes (Le)
For Martin Heinrich Karl von Lichtenstein (1780-1857).**
Lichtensteinia lacera (La)

Location: (K)
lacero, = to tear to pieces, to mangle, rend, mutilate, lacerate. lacer, lacerus, = mangled, lacerated, torn to pieces.
Lichtensteinia trifida var. trifida (G, La)

Location: (F)
tri-, = three times, thrice; findo, fidi, fissum = to cleave, split, part, separate, divide; a cleft, slit, fissure; (split-) trifidus, = cleft or coloven into three parts, three-cleft, three-forked. (divided (usually within outer third)) (leaves are divided to form three lobes)
(LS, ld, BL, An)