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Anyswortel (Le)
anisum, from annison, = under which the Greeks seem to have included the two plants, Anise and Dill. When these were discriminated anisum and anethum were utilised in Latin to distinguish them; rhiza, = root. (flavour of tuberous rootstock, used in food)
(Ox, Le)
Annesorhiza macrocarpa (G)
Wilde-Anyswortel (PS)
Location: (F)
makros, = far stretching; tall, lofty, much; carpos, = fruit. (with large fruit)
(LS, BL)
Annesorhiza nuda (La)
Location: (F)
nudus, = naked, bare, unclothed, uncovered, exposed. (naked, i.e. devoid of leaves or some other clothing, lacking usual covering, bare) (bare, referring to the leaves which are dry at flowering)
(ld, BL, An)
Annesorhiza triternata (G, La)

Location: (F)
tri-, = three times, thrice; ter, = three times, thrice; natus, = of plants, a growing, growth. (divided three times into threes)
(LS, ld, An)