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Cape Red Hot Poker (Wf) Red Hot Poker(Le) Vuurpyl
For Johann Hieronymus Kniphof (1704-1763).**
Kniphofia tabularis (La)

Location: (K)
tabula, = a board, plank; -alis, -aris, = belonging or pertaining to, resembling, provided with. tabularis, = flattened horizontally, plate like, (in geographical epithets) growing on Table Mountain, South Africa)
(ld, BL)
Kniphofia uvaria (La)
Red-hot Poker(PS) Rooisoldate Stinkaalwyn Vuurpyl
Location: (F, K)
uva, = the fruit of the vine, a grape; a bunch or cluster of grapes; of other plants, a bunch or cluster of fruit; -arius, = indicates connexion or possession. (like a bunch of grapes, i.e. with clustered rounded parts)
(ld, BL)